About Us

Who We Are

The management and staff of Fledglings Educare believe that a day care centre should be an integral part of the community in which it is situated and that mutual trust and respect between staff, parents and children is essential to attain this.

We believe that children learn best by doing, by exploring their world using all their senses, and we believe that play is the foundation of all learning.

Our Objectives

  • To provide an accepting, safe and nurturing learning environment for the children in our care.
  • To promote the holistic development of the child by providing a balance of teacher- and child-led activities which focus on all aspects of the child’s development: social, emotional, physical, intellectual and creative.
  • To work closely with the parents as the primary caregivers of their children and provide effective methods of communication to help build our relationships with them.
  • To maintain a calm and disciplined atmosphere by using positive guidance techniques such as redirection and problem solving.
  • To encourage the children’s own exploration of their environment by providing a variety of opportunities for experimentation and discovery.