Going Forward

Happy New Year

January 2013
We started the New Year short staffed as Ms Amber left us to return to her old centre. This, however, dampened neither the teachers’ imagination nor the children’s enthusiasm.

Totally disregarding the snow on the ground the Sparrows room became a seaside resort complete with mermaid and pirates.

Finally, the Music Man brought so much enjoyment to the children last year that we arranged for him to continue with his Thursday morning music activities. Here he is with his new drummer accompanying him.

The Robins soon picked up on the Pirate theme but added Princesses to their version.

Then, remembering the fun they had had during Halloween, they insisted on introducing ghosts and ghoulies once more and the tree in their room was transformed into a haunted house.

Groundhogs and Valentine’s hearts

February 2013
February is merely as long as is needed to pass the time until March, or so said Dr. J. R. Stockton. Although the sun was clearly shining when the groundhog poked his head out of his hole, February was a busy and enjoyable month at Fledglings and we fitted in as much as possible.

In addition to their trips to the ‘sledding hill’ the Robins and the Kinders spent time exploring Fish Creek …

… and making notes of what they found there.

Chinese New Year was celebrated with the traditional decorations …

… and, of course, Valentine’s day required much preparation in the form of crafts

… and games

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