Daily Routine

All our activities include opportunities both for teacher directed exploration and the child’s own choice. Each day the children are encouraged to join their playmates during the following routines:

Morning Circle

The children gather on the mat to share their news, discuss the calendar and the weather, talk about the theme for the day and the activities they are going to do.

Craft Activities

These may consist of painting, cutting, pasting, collage work, drawing, modelling, frottage, weaving,and printing, and include both teacher directed activities and the child’s own choice.


Music and Movement Activities title=

Music and Movement Activities

These include singing, dancing, rhythm, movement to music and instruments.All these activities are also used during the course of the day during transitions from one routine to another.

Toilet and Hand-washing Routines

As every parent knows, good hygiene is an essential aspect of daily living but not necessarily one to which children automatically subscribe. Teachers ensure that good hand-washing techniques are used after toileting, crafts or outdoor play and before all meals

Toilet and Hand-washing Routines

Lunch and Snack Times


Lunch and Snack Times

Teachers join the children at the tables during meal times where, along with the lively conversation, basic table manners and healthy eating habits are encouraged. Nutritious snacks and lunches are provided twice a day.

Quiet Activities/Rest Time

Some of our little pupils still enjoy an afternoon nap, others lie on their beds during rest time with a book or a favourite toy.

Quiet Activities/Rest Time

Story Circle

Story Circle

A favourite time for old and young. Story time may involve a picture book, a well loved story retold, flannel board pictures, puppets or even acting out a well known story. Big Books make story time interactive and prepare the children for reading.

Outdoor Play

As often as the weather allows the children extend their play and their education during outdoor activities. Bats and balls, sand and water play, and even just running, jumping, and climbing help to build healthy bodies and healthy minds.

Outdoor Play


And Lots More …

We have a small computer centre with LOTS of interesting and educational games.

Science tables provide children with the tools and opportunities to explore their world.



At the listening centre children enjoy stories and music.

The housecorner offers endless opportunities for imaginative and social play.



And book corners are full of interesting, colourful and educational books.

Blocks teach shapes, size and space, children learn about patterns and designs and they improve their dexterity, their eye-hand coordination and their social skills.


Do you want to know more about these routines and what we do at Fledglings?