The following policies are included in our Parent Handbook which is available to every parent on registration.

Attendance Policies

Hours of Operation

Fledglings runs a full programme from 7am to 6.00pm Monday to Fridays during school days and 7am to 6.00pm throughout the rest of the year excluding statutory and civic holidays.

Holidays and Centre closure

The holiday closures are posted on the parent bulletin boards at the entrance and in both classrooms. 
The centre is closed for the statutory holidays. 
Please note the following:

  • the tuition fees are not affected by holiday closures;
  • all holiday closures are approved by Alberta Family and Social Services;
  • where any of the above holidays fall midweek an alternate day may be taken;
  • the centre will close at 12 noon on Christmas eve and New Years eve.

Weather closure

In the event of extreme weather the centre may be closed. A telephone chain will be utilized to advise as many parents as possible should this occur. If unsure please phone the centre or check with the early morning news media at 403-238-2441.

Please note that if the temperature (including wind chill) is:

below zero degrees – children will not be taken outdoors without appropriate winter clothing.

below minus 15 degrees – children will not be taken outdoors for gross motor activities

below minus 25 degrees – children will not be walked to or from the bus.

Arrival and Pick up Policy

Arrival and Pick up Times

No children will be allowed onto the school premises before 7.00am and all children must leave the centre by 6.00pm.  If a parent is unavoidably late the centre must be contacted and a late pick up fee will be charged to cover overtime (see Tuition Periods and Payments).

In the event of a child being left at the centre with no contact from the parents or guardians the staff will:

  • try to reach one of the emergency contacts on the child’s profile, or, failing that,
  • contact the Alberta Family and Social Services and the Calgary Police.

If a child is not going to be attending or will be arriving later than normal, parents are requested to notify the teachers by phone as early as possible.

Sign In

Signing your child in and out of the centre every day is a requirement of the Alberta Family and Social Services.  Sign your child in at the reception desk before taking them to their teachers.  Teachers will sign them into the classroom.  Using the double sign in enables us to ensure that we meet staff/child ratios and that we have an accurate count of every child in the centre should an emergency arise.

 Authorized pick ups

Sickness and Attendance Guidelines

When to keep children at home

Children should be kept at home:

  1. if they are running a fever greater than 100°F/37.5°C
  2. if they have a severe cough
  3. if they have a continuous runny nose
  4. if they have diarrhoea
  5. if they have vomited more than once during the preceding night
  6. if they suffer from any of the following:
  • diphtheria
  • haemophilia influenza type B
  • head lice
  • hepatitis A
  • impetigo
  • measles
  • mumps
  • pink eye
  • ringworm
  • rubella
  • scabies
  • scarlet fever
  • strep throat
  • tuberculosis
  • whooping cough
  • any other infectious disease.

When children may be sent home

Parents may be called to pick up their children if they have any of the following symptoms:

  1. vomiting
  2. diarrhoea
  3. a fever greater than 100°F/37.5°C
  4. continuous coughing
  5. difficulty breathing
  6. any of the signs and symptoms of a communicable disease. (see list above)


Withdrawing child or Termination of care

Withdrawal initiated by parent

One calendar month’s written notice is required in order to receive the refund of  the security deposit.  This will be waived only if there is a pressing need to move the child.  The latter circumstances will be treated on a case to case basis.

Withdrawal initiated by the centre

Fledglings Educare may require a child’s withdrawal from the centre under the following circumstances:

  • non-payment of fees
  • aggressive behaviour on the part of the parent
  • extreme and continuous aggressive behaviour on the part of the child despite efforts by staff and parents to address the problem
  • continuous late pick ups

Should the centre find it necessary to terminate service parents will be responsible for fees up to and including the termination date.

Anyone who is authorized to pick your child up from the centre must be listed on the registration form at enrollment.  Any changes must be given to the staff in writing.